Through Sunday, October 30, designs by three #ArtPopCLT artists are featured in the Outdoor Is In fashion exhibition at The Mint Museum Uptown.

ArtPop is a national 501c3, headquartered and founded here in Charlotte whose mission is to promote local artists work through available media space. Art + Public Outdoor Project = ArtPop. The program is in 11 other cities. The concept for the Outdoor Is In fashion show came from a dress designed by Flavia Lovatelli, whose art was featured on a billboard in 2014 as part of ArtPop, a collaboration between the Arts & Science Council and Adams Outdoor Advertising of Charlotte.

Lovatelli transformed her ArtPop billboard into a ball gown and inspired Adams Outdoor Advertising to challenge her and six other artists to re-imagine other billboards for an invite-only runway show during Adams’ client appreciation celebration at Mint Museum Uptown on Sept. 29, 2016.

Elyse Frederick (#ArtPopCLT 2016) and Rocio Llusca (Hello, World: #ArtPopCLT 2015) are the other ArtPop artists involved in the #OutdoorIsIn project.

The other Outdoor Is In designers, who call themselves “TrashionArtistas,” are Edelweiss De Guzman of Mooresville, Teresa Rench of Fort Mill, Althea Womack of Augusta, and Marynel Watters of Cornelius. 

The designers used billboards from the following companies and nonprofits: Anheuser-Busch, Dunkin Donuts, Carolinas Healthcare System, Chick-Fil-A, Coca-Cola, Fink’s Jewelers, Hendrick Honda on South Boulevard, Husqvarna, Miller Coors, Killingsworth Environmental, McDonald’s, The Mint Museum, Nichols Store, Pepsi, Second Harvest Food Bank, and Wells Fargo.

Lovatelli created nine dresses besides the “Inspiration” dress from her ArtPop billboard. Frederick, who works at The Mint Museum as a senior graphic designer, used The Mint Museum’s billboard for the “Coveted Colors” exhibition as the source for her  “Silhouette Swirl” ensemble. Llusca’s “Viva La Donuts” dress, a crowd favorite during the runway show, captures the fun and energy of the Dunkin’ Donuts brand.

As part of the partnership, Adams Outdoor will be advertising Outdoor Is In along with the rest of the Mint’s Year of the Woman lineup on billboards around the Charlotte region. 

Outdoor Is In is the latest pop-up show in the Mint’s Level 5 expansion space, home to the previous groundbreaking shows 80 x 80, featuring 80 contemporary works of art organized by Young Affiliates of the Mint; Moment Mile, a photography exhibition from The Light Factory; and The Boombox Project, an exhibition of photos by Lyle Owerko organized by SOCO Gallery. The 15,000 square foot expansion space, still raw and unfinished, was first unveiled in 2014 as part of a partnership with Wells Fargo. The museum is still developing its longer-range plans for the expansion space and plans to continue experimenting with new and creative art concepts there.

Another program demonstrating Adams Outdoor Advertising’s recycling efforts is Upcycle Life, a Charlotte-based nonprofit that trains and employs refugee women in our community.

Elyse Frederick

  • The Mint Museum: “Silhouette Swirl” (in photo collage)
Flavia Lovatelli
  • ArtPop: “Inspiration” (in photo collage)
  • Chick-Fil-A: “Queen of Moo”
  • Fink’s Jewelers: “Bling, Bling”
  • Hendrick Honda on South Blvd.: “Jane Honda”
  • Husqvarna: “Lawn Care”
  • Killingsworth Environmental: “Clean Living”
  • McDonald’s: “Mickey Dees”
  • Miller/Coors: “Queen of the Mountains”
  • Nichols (Gun) Store : “Bang. Bang.”
  • Second Harvest: “Food for Thought”
Rocio Llusca
  • Dunkin Donuts: “Viva La Donuts” (in photo collage)

For more information about ArtPop, please visit their website and