A Woman of No Importance
June 5-14, 2015
Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 8 p.m.
FROCK Shop, 901 Central Ave., Charlotte NC 28205

PaperHouse Theatre is proud to announce that Kimberly Parati will make her directing debut with “A Woman of No Importance”. Oscar Wilde’s witty comedic melodrama, challenges the ideals of morality, piety, and social importance in this progressive battle of the sexes. Who is important? And why are we bound by such judgement?

The upper crust of society gather at Lady Hunstanton’s estate where the world-weary Lord Illingworth is taking on a new protege, Gerald Arbuthnot, but will his mother approve? Lost love, new love and familial love are all brought to a head as secrets from the past threaten to destroy Gerald’s future.

Tickets: $30 includes complimentary sips and nibbles.
For reservations, please email paperhousetheatre@gmail.com or call 704-659-3638 for reservations. Space is limited. Free parking.